Cracking Crackling Caesar Salad...
Grab some Romaine lettuce, and shred it with your bare hands like
Geoff ruddy Capes into a big old bowl. Throw in a small family of Anchovies
and some sliced avocado. Fry up some free-range chicken strips, oiled
first with a light grating of one of those squidgy chicken stock cubes.
Fry til browned with a few thin slices of red onion, just softened in the
pan. Bit of bacon too. Chuck it all in with a dusting of Parmesan,
and a glug of good Caesar dressing.

.....Last, but by no means least, scatter a bag of Chicken Crackling
instead of boring old bready croutons.

If you have any interesting, quirky and delicious recipes for our Crackling,
why not let us know at

Try them scattered on a noodle soup? Perhaps instead of
Hundreds & Thousands on top of your ice-cream? Maybe not....