Ohh they're more than just a snack.

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H.BELL. Age 7

One day, a man cooked a roast chicken. Whilst no one was looking, he helped himself to some delicious bits of crispy skin. As you do. This got him thinking and so he wondered how he could share this exceptional treat with the world without having to make Sunday roasts all over the place.

So using selected Grade A, British birds, he created the very first, and his very own, Chicken Crackling you can buy in a shiny bag. Simple. Except it wasn't, it took four years, but that's another story...

They are without doubt stupidly tasty, being hand made in small batches with no MSG rubbish thank you very much.

So love them, Gluten free of course, as a snack with an (n)ice cold drink, or sprinkled over a Caesar salad, on soup, or noodles...


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